Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Well it seems like everybody these days has an audioblog, so who am I to fight fashion? Here at The Black Hit Of Space (or TBHOS as we like to call it) we'll be exploring the big wide world of Music That I Like. The only criteria for a song to be featured here is that I Like It. If you don't like it, tough. Come back tomorrow for something else that you may like.

To kick things off, we need a theme song, and after much deliberation, I have chosen The Black Hit Of Space by The Human League. This is the lead track on their second album, Travelogue (1980), an absolutely classic album from the lineup of Phil Oakey (vocals), Martyn Ware (synths) and Ian Craig Marsh (synths). Halfway between the harsh experimental electronics that characterized their early EPs like The Dignity of Labour and the slick synthpop that would later emerge with Dare and Ware & Marsh's new band Heaven 17, Travelogue was a truly groundbreaking merger of industrial mayhem and pop songs, albeit with extremely oddball lyrics.

From the recent reissue featuring remastered sound, here's The Black Hit Of Space.


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