Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Claudia Brucken

Claudia Brucken came to prominence with German synthpop group Propaganda. They were mostly famous for being "the next band" on ZTT after Frankie Goes To Hollywood hit it big. They always sort of lived in Frankie's shadow, which is a shame, as their album A Secret Wish is an all time classic. After that, they broke up. Claudia married Paul Morley (the other brain behind ZTT after Trevor Horn). Propaganda eventually issued another album with a new singer, but it's pretty lightweight compared to the genius of A Secret Wish. Claudia did another project for ZTT called Act, which was pretty good. Eventually however she left ZTT and made a solo album called Love: And A Million Other Things. Produced by Pascal Gabriel, it's quite a nice little dance-pop gem. This track, "Always," reminds me a lot of Scritti Politti, which can't be a bad thing.


Blogger coordinatezero said...

Goodness, the resemblance to Green's chord changes and FM-synth backing pads is certainly unavoidable. Wouldn't be out of place on Provision. I hope you caught SP when they toured a year or so ago, it was a fantastic show.

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