Monday, August 06, 2007


Sophie Ellis-Bextor has a new single out, and the b-side of it is a cover of the classic Propaganda track "Duel". It has come to my attention that there is a whole generation of pop fans out there who have no idea about Propaganda, which is a shame. I think it's great that Sophie has brought this track out, as hopefully it will inspire a whole new legion of fans to discover Propaganda and Claudia Brucken (see two posts down for more Claudia!)

"Duel" was a single for Propaganda back in 1985, replete with the usual suite of amazing ZTT 12" remixes. This is the original album version, which contains one of the most orgasmic moments in pop history - the wild piano & synth arpeggio that leads out of the instrumental break at 3:05. 20+ years later and it still gives me shivers.


Blogger coordinatezero said...

How about her cover version, as well, so we can A/B 'em? :-)

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