Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ladytron - Oops Oh My

Back in the bad old pre-internet days, your favorite band would put out a new, exclusive track on a compilation, and you'd have to buy the whole album just to get the one song. Then of course you'd have to get all those compilations and get the one or two good songs off them and make a mix tape (or later on, CD-r).

Thank god those days are gone, otherwise there's every chance I would have missed out on this amazing track from Ladytron. I like Ladytron just fine but I wouldn't shell out for a whole compilation just to get one track by them.

This is a cover of an R&B song that I'd never heard because I haven't really liked anything remotely rap or R&B since 1992. Thanks to YouTube (there's that darn internet again, making life cool for nerdy obsessives) I just saw the original. It stinks, but check it out for a minute so you can see what amazingess has been borne out of its ashes, phoenix-style.

Here's the Ladytron version:

Friday, November 09, 2007

Rogue Traders - I Never Liked You

Rogue Traders are a slick pop band from Australia, fronted by Natalie Bassingsthwaite, who used to be on an Australian soap opera. I've seen clips of it on Youtube, looks like any other soap opera to me.

Anyway, most of their songs are servicable dance/pop/rock type affairs. Sometimes they really hit it out of the park though. This track is one of those - lots of new wave charm and a hook to die for.